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Amy Morris was born and raised in Southeast, Texas.  After living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for 19 years, she returned to Beaumont to attend Lamar University where she completed her BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting in 2017. 

Morris’ initial careers in the hospitality and new home construction industries helped to shape her as a leader and businesswoman.  As well, she has experience doing freelance work in set design, sculpture, painting, textiles, and installation using a variety of different materials.  While in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, she taught painting classes at a local painting party company, and with her own business doing painting parties around the Metroplex.


Learning technique and refining her skills have been the focus of her time at Lamar University.  Abilities in drawing, painting, and 3D design were quickly found and influence all of her research.  In 2016 Amy was awarded a Lamar University Undergraduate Research Grant which she used to research the ancient technique of encaustic wax painting.   The fundamentals learned during her year of research fueled her work in the studio and became the foundation of her current series, Submerged.  In the series debris and objects damaged by Hurricane Harvey and collected from the community are used as inspiration to portray a glimpse into the aftermath of the storm.


Amy desires to create art that lives in the space between sculpture and painting.  Her newer works are tactile, textured, layered and colored in ways which vie for the viewer’s attention, and engage cognitive interaction and response.

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